Larry Liu

Managing Partner

Prior to entering the venture capital and private equity industry, Larry spent over six years in the renewable energy field, mainly in utility scale solar and wind energy plants development and investment. Following a BA specializing in Economics and Finance from University of Toronto and MSc Business and Management from University of Portsmouth, he has been actively engaged in commercial solar projects development and financing in Canada, United States, China, Micronesia, Israel and other regions. He has successfully guided the development and financing of both rooftop and utility-scale renewable energy projects.

Larry not only has experiences in setting up and growing business, he is also quick in spotting opportunities in international market. As an expert in capital management, he has extensive knowledge and background in investment market, with exceptional talent and risk management skills. Larry is currently an active investor in Canada, US and China.Serving as founding partner of GCI Capital and managing partner of Celtic House Asia Partners, Larry has invested over 30 companies in Canada, US and China in the past 6 years, with 8 companies exited successfully. Some successful cases include: Envenio acquired by Juul within a 11 months of investment period, Applyboard’s valuation went up by 100 times within a less than four years’ investment period, and Quectel got publicly list in Shanghai Stock Exchange. He also assists as consultant and advisor to a variety of early-stage tech companies and venture capital firms in both Canada and China.